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The CH3 Christmas Party

Hash NameHome HashVegetarian (Yes/No)
FlagpoleCopenhagen H3No-
Just PollyCH3No-
Just FinnCh3No-
Just ShirleyCH3Yes-
Stains the SheetsTHE CH3Hvad? Is Sürstromming a vegetable?-
Escort RequiredCopenhagen H3No-
Father AbrahanCH3No-
Triple Dickhead Copenhagen Viking Wankers NO-
Joint Venture Copenhagen Viking Wankers YES-
Little Sperm MaidCH3Yes-
Oh My Dog!CH3No-
Fishermen's FriendCopenahgenYes (pescatarian)-
Just Per-fectCH3No-
Just OliviaCH3Vegan-
Her HolynoseCH3NO!Certainly not!-
CalapsoHereHow very dare you !!!!-
Fanny ChillCH3No-
OdinCopenhagen Hash House Harriersno-
twobottlesangeles city bushrangerno-
Never cums aloneCh3No-
Hello cheeky Ch3No-