You are here: Welcome to Copenhagen's drinking club with a running problem!

Welcome to Copenhagen's drinking club with a running problem!

The Best CH3 in the world!!!


2020-11-28 CH3 2404
  14:30 (Saturday)
  The Christmas Junta
  Svanemøllen st.

2020-11-29 CH3 2405
  14:30 (Sunday)
  Nørreport st.
Hangover Run.

2020-12-13 RDH3 70

?2021-01-01 CH4 308 (Full moon)
Due to current COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions imposed by the government, all CH3 runs and events are set on stand by until further notice.

This includes CH3 runs and the CH3 Christmas party and any other CH3 activities. We will get back to you about the Annual General Meeting (generalforsamling).

Meanwhile you can enjoy CRH3 runs done separately or in small groups with virtual circles. See more on CRH3 Fb group or join the CRH3 mailing list by sending an email to this address.

Stay safe, stay healthy!

On behalf of 2020 Mismanagement,

Not the 9O'Clock News, GM & Escort Required, RA

In general, please keep yourself informed of the current situation in Danish here or in English here.


Copenhagen Hash House Harriers runs every week of the year, on Saturday afternoons in the winter (October to March) and Monday evenings in the summer (April to September)

Details of the next 4 runs are shown here, if you want to see more run dates, visit our Runlist.

Runs are usually held from an S-Tog station and easily accessible by public transport. You can get information on how to get there by using the Rejseplanen link on the run details.

If you are in town on a Friday night and want a beer then email the AmbHashAdor (ambhashador20(at) or the RA (RA20(at) and they'll investigate and let you know where we're drinking that week.

You can also find us on Facebook, on Meetup, or check out our Instagram account.